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The Treehoof Tribe

The Treehoof Tribe
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IC: Founded on druidry traditions, the Treehoof Tribe devotes their tribe to the ways of the Earth Mother and keeping her pristine in all parts of the world their hands could reach. Each tribesmen will devout their time in upholding the balance of nature, mending wounds of both flesh and floral, preserving wildlife from threat, and to thwart off any that opposes to disrupt the balance. While the tribe may value druidry at its core, the tribe welcomes anyone that wishes to serve the greater good for the world, as well as being a benevolent face upon Azeroth that many could turn to without the motivation of benefit. A tree is strong but a forest is mighty, the Treehoof Tribe hopes to establish a strong name for themselves as the peacekeepers of the Earth Mother, as well as helping the needy to those that live within her natural grace.

OOC: We are a new tribe that primarily focuses on druid themes with a little twist in events. Not only will we have the “rush in, kill bad guys, win” combat events, but we will also hold training sessions for those wishing to learn the ways of druidry, making sure to heal damaged land or tainted wildlife, and to perform diplomacy with other tribes to help out their plights. We will also work on strong story building with individuals to help out their personal plots as well as one that involves the tribe as a whole. We accept primarily Shu’halo as we will have many Shu’halo cultures and rituals, but we will accept any race and any class that wishes to partake in becoming one with nature. Be a healer, attacker, or defender, ever tribesmen will have their role and duty to help the tribe flourish and nature flourish better.

Chieftain: Etutreehoof / Etutreescar
Branches: Hevti, Horran