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The Thundermoon Tribe

The Thundermoon Tribe
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2011)
WWW Armory Thread

The Thundermoon Tribe shall protect the entirety of Kalimdor, drawing upon the anguish and despair forced upon the Shu’halo to forge a new path for our people. Our enemies are without number, but we will shoulder the burden of protecting that which truly belongs to the Tauren. The Thundermoon seek to protect not only Desolace, but the entirety of Kalimdor. Primarily, the goal of the Thundermoon is to establish their tribe and village. The location of their village, though most of the high mountain plateaus had been rendered uninhabitable with the Shattering, would be located in the high mountain ranges that separate Mulgore, Stonetalon and Desolace. The ultimate goal of the Thundermoon is to restore and preserve the lands known as Desolace. The overarching goal of the Thundermoon is to secure all of Kalimdor, restoring it to the rightful watch of the Tauren people.

Chieftain: Thundermoon
Lunar Herald: Chazori
Cloud Walker: Bahlana, Jodai, Kirfkin
Dawn Gazer: Dawnsky, Rushala, Saelita
Rain Singer: Hyenastep, Rhedin, Tenren
Storm Runner: Haipadah, Mienchi, Orahku, Squall