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The Shadowhoof Tribe

The Shadowhoof Tribe
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2009)
WWW Armory Thread

IC: The Shadowhoof is a predominately warrior and combatant based tribe where might generally makes right through challenge and leadership. The tribe itself is more willing to take the shadow paths and darker routes to win the day, and if that means enlisting warlocks and demon hunters to combat the legion then they will. A Tauren only tribe, the people have mostly dropped their radical views of separatism to re-enter the world and gain allies to save Azeroth. Everything has a place in this world, and even a shadow can cast its mark over the Legion.

OOC: The tribe is comprised of friends who enjoy small story based RP that moves through the current world story and our own personal guild plots. Tribal storyline is for everyone as we work with all denizens of Azeroth to reach our goals, though server-wide events are not our focus. We work to help advertise for other groups, show support for the community as a whole, and provide back up for those who need help.

The Crone: Kurshaw
The Shadow: Kjorn
Council: Tatoke, Umagha