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The Pinehoof Tribe

The Pinehoof Tribe
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2016)
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"Family, unity, harmony."

“With An’she and Mu’sha smiling upon us, we are the Wardens of the Earth Mother.”

Tribe Synopsis

Within mysterious groves throughout the Stonetalon Mountains stand tall four sacred pine trees, ancient, living, enchanted and all-knowing, each of differently colored needles: azure, crimson, gold and white. Since times forgotten even by the children of the stars, the Pinehoof Shu’halo and their ancestors called these sacred groves their homes, acting as defenders and peacekeepers.

The Earth Mother blessed them with a great bounty of resources, prey, food and shelter. The light of An’she and Mu’sha smiled upon them in their many hunts and trades with the Kal’dorei, whose tongue and culture they learned in order to ensure friendship and a peaceful coexistence.

Bloodshed arrived to Kalimdor. The drums of war sounded. Legion, Scourge, Horde, Alliance, Centaur, it mattered little. Kinships were strained, friendships were broken and alliances were shattered. In a mere decade clans have fallen and disbanded, the Pinehoof Tribe losing its might. Of the dozen ancient clans, only three remain: the Owl, the Bear and the Otter bloodlines.

Then the Legion struck in the Azure Pine Grove, ensuring the destruction of a sacred pine tree, and the loss of several Pinehoof Shu’halo, among them, their leaders. Two new Clan Mothers and a new Pine Chief were just appointed, and a decision was reached: abandon the ancient nomadic ways and raise a fortified village in the White Pine Grove.

A plea for aid in protecting Kalimdor echoed through the winds, bringing home not only long lost kin, but also rallying other tribes, who graciously offered resources and helping hands. The Treehoof have chosen to join together with the Pinehoof in building the new settlement, while ensuring that the grove itself does not suffer any damage.

With a safe foothold in the Stonetalon Mountains, and aid coming from all across the continent, the ancient Shu’halo tribe will now be able to resume its peacekeeping duties in their homeland, and offer help where it is needed, especially when it comes to pushing back the latest demonic threat. The White Pine Village shall be a sanctuary and refuge for those who seek both.

Guild Description

About Us

<The Pinehoof Tribe> is a new Tauren tribal roleplaying guild on Wyrmrest Accord US that aims to offer a cozy, laid back and low-pressure roleplaying environment for full-time working adults living in the ADT, EST and CST time zones, that have other hobbies and responsibilities in their day to day life, as well as other games to play. Our goal is to form a small-medium and close-knit collective, where respect, fair treatment, openness and inclusivity are law.

Due to our small and cozy approach, we can more easily focus on our characters and their growth, helping the players develop meaningful quality plots. We offer a deep progression system for members of the tribe, which involves choosing a clan and a calling, as well as a series of rites and a lot of entertaining roleplay.

Activity wise, we have one to three events a week, starting between 4pm and 5pm server time, and ending by 7:30pm, all scheduled by a membership vote, to ensure that as few people as possible are missing them. Often times we shall also drop by our friends’ events, so we can have some variety in roleplay. Once we grow sufficiently and finish the village building plot, community events will follow as well. In our off-time, we are looking at random roleplay in-game, on our forums and on our Discord channels, or maybe the odd PvP or PvE sessions, or other games altogether.

The Tribe

The tribe is heavily inspired both by Kal’dorei (Night Elf) culture, as well as the real world Iroquois culture, one of the many wonderful First Nations found in North America, as well as the oldest surviving democracy in the world. Not only do we bask in the wonderful Tauren lore that Blizzard has set forward for us, but we also expand upon it and provide a slightly different roleplaying experience. The tribe is located in North-Western Stonetalon Mountains, in the forest west of Stonetalon Peak, where the White Pine Village is being built as part of the storyline.

The guild itself focuses on the adventures of a small subset of a greater tribe, namely that of the leadership, returning family members, friends and the newcomers that wish to learn the ways of the Pinehoof or offer their aid. The tribe has close to a thousand non-player characters in the background, who will be given life to further enhance plots.

Guild Master: Pinehoof / Kaliwah / Halonah
Officers: Gaho, Pahwe, Sedindia
Envoys: Bahlana