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Derecho [duh-rey-choh]

A widespread and severe windstorm that moves rapidly along a fairly straight path and is associated with bands of rapidly moving thunderstorms.

About the Summit

The Feathered Derecho Summit is a loose alliance of Tauren centric guilds from Emerald Dream, Moon Guard, Venture Co and Wyrmrest Accord, that on occasion meet for events such as the Dance of the Earthmother and moots.

This site's purpose is to also serve as a community resource for Tauren roleplayers seeking a home and wanting to learn more of the many existing Tauren guilds across the US realms in the game World of WarCraft. Head to the directory to see a listing!

Joining the Derecho

Are you interested in getting in touch with the guilds gathered here? All you have to do is register on this site! It is simple as that. Tauren roleplayer or not, you are welcome to join this website!