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The Guilded Lotus Trading Co.

Gilded Lotus Trading Co.
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2017)
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"We ride the four winds like a lotus, eager to explore the world; gilded so that we might never break within its strength. We are the Gilded Lotus... "
- Bravior, Gilded-Chief of The Gilded Lotus Trading Co

The Gilded Lotus Trading Co. is a gathering of people from various backgrounds: soldiers & mercenaries, craftsmen & merchants, scholars & doctors, as well as plenty of other walks of life. The goal of this organization is not simply to accumulate wealth but to continue a functioning system of providing wares, food, and information to the various communities across Azeroth. Do we yield profits? Indeed we do, however, this is only so that we might maintain the flow of goods and services to the people who need them the most.

It is now known what we do as well as why we do it, but who are the Gilded Lotus? Such is a story that may benefit from understanding a richer history that extends past our time, but the Lotus will not dwell; much to the contrary, it desires to ride forward into an uncertain future with confidence in our brothers and sisters. The Gilded Lotus Trading Co. has a history wrapped in decisions, and the decision to carve our own stake into the road.

The Gilded Lotus was formerly the merchant organization dubbed the Bluepaw Mercantile, after its namesake and founder, a Pandaren named Jie Kie “Jackie” Bluepaw. However, Coming to the age of retirement Jackie sought to dissolve the organization as a part of a long-time ally, the Tauren tribe called the Thundermoon Tribe.

This was not the desire of a larger proportion of the Bluepaw leadership, and with a blessing we were allowed to strike out on our own, now we wander the roads and provide to villages under our current leadership of both experienced veterans and optimistic newcomers alike.

Guild Master: Bravior
Officers: Bailou, Malourn, Xingba, Xiulightning