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The Broken Horn Tribe

The Broken Horn Tribe
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2016)
WWW Armory Thread

IC: The Broken Horn is a tribe of Shu'halo dedicated to keeping the old ways alive, through song, dance, music, and ceremonies, and honoring the ancestors, the Earth Mother and the elements, and helping those in need. Whether it's through guidance, giving a home, family or friends, or even training in a path to better serve the Shu'halo tribes and their friends. We serve to be a beacon of light in the lives of those who are in darkness, guiding them towards a better future and improving who they are as a person.

OOC: We serve to help teach those about Tauren and class lore, while focusing on character development and improving RPing skills. We aim to aid newer Tauren RPers with their race and class lore, while providing a fun and friendly environment during events and casual RP.

Chieftain: Telucti
Counselors: Cataharon, Celanawe, Nashotah, Taketu, Varooc
Dawnbìnder, Mokkël, Sotari