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Dance of the Earthmother: Summer 2017

Kaliwah / Jun 25, 2017
With winter but a memory, the people of Azeroth have savored a pleasant season of spring, admiring the blossoming of the Earthmother as she brought the world back to life. No war or invasion can stop the mighty creator from painting her lush, vivid colors on the canvas of Kalimdor. An'she shines brighter and brighter each passing day, while Mu'sha and the Blue Child slumber more.

What better way is there to remember the upcoming solstice than with a seasonal festival? The Shu'halo tribes of the Feathered Derecho Summit, together with interested Shu'halo friends and allies are proud to gather again to host the Summer 2017 edition of the Dance of the Earthmother!

On June 17, 2017, in Bloodhoof Village, the children of the Earthmother honored their beloved creator, as well as the brighter of her two wayward eyes. This celebration was slightly smaller than past events, as brave Shu'halo are in far away lands fighting demons and keeping our world safe, but no invasion and no war shall prevent the Shu'halo from continuing their traditions. As usual, several competition were held: carp kicking, costume competition, a jousting tournament, a pun and drinking competition, and a triathlon. Many cheers were heard, and many prizes were given.

We would like to thank our friends for helping keep this tradition going, and offer their gratitude to everyone who participated. See you all in the Fall edition!

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