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Dance of the Earthmother: Spring Edition 2017

Kaliwah / Mar 21, 2017
A multitude of Shu'halo tribes (from Wyrmrest Accord, Moon Guard and Venture Company!) joined together to celebrate the coming of spring! It is a time of renewal and awakening. The cold and darkness of winter that Mu'sha has shepherded us though now gives way to the warmth of An'she's radiant face and the blossoming of the world.

The children of the Earthmother gathered in Bloodhoof Village to honor the love the Mother of All has for all living things. The celebration included a spirit-seeking game, stories being shared, riddles to solve, brawling and races to run.

We would like to acknowledge the fine work that the tribes put in to hold this event, as well as everyone who participated, and offer their gratitude to all who made this possible. This event is proof that when the Shu'halo come together with their friends and allies, anything can be acomplished! We look forward to the Summer edition of the Dance of the Earthmother!

Screenshots of the event are here.

Videos of the event are below:
01 - Opening Ceremony
02 - Socializing
03 - The Derecho Brawl
04 - Closing Ceremony

Logs of the event can be found here.


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