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Autumn Has Arrived! Dance of the Earthmother: Fall Edition 2016

Kaliwah / Sep 29, 2016
Soon, we shall all yearn for the warm breeze of summer, as the leaves yet again begin to turn yellow and depart for the earth below. The Shu'halo tribes of Kalimdor and their friends gathered together to say their farewells to a wonderful summer season and help the Earthmother transition into autumn. This edition of the Dance of the Earthmother was yet again a success, with more tribes than ever attending it!

Broken Horn Tribe! Shadowhoof Tribe! Stonewind Tribe! Thundermoon Tribe! Treehoof Tribe! Whitehorn Tribe! Windsong Tribe! Wolfmane Tribe! Bluepaw Mercantile! Order of Midnight! The list just goes on!

Several competitions were held this round: drinking, eating, brawling, hunting, riddles, and story-telling. By the end of the event many prizes were won, and many bellies were filled. Many thanks to all our guests and hosts for making this wonderful community event possible. See you in for the winter edition!

Also, you can find high quality screenshots here and here.



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