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The Feathered Derecho Summit Website Is Live! Again!

Kaliwah / Aug 19, 2016
Greetings everyone,

So the Enjin site idea had to be put to rest, as features that are critical to us (such as the calendar and the guild directory) are not available on the free website, therefore I started up a new site here on Shivtr.

For those that do not know what this place is, this is the community website of the Feathered Derecho Summit, a budding community of roleplayers across two realms. It is still not yet complete, however in its current state it is good to go for everyone interested.

What does the site currently feature? Quite enough to simplify the process of discussing, planning and coordinating events, as well as perhaps making new friends and stronger bonds between our guilds, something that can be quite difficult to achieve over Discord's chat channels. We can also make use of this website as a guild advertisement post. Check the Guild Directory to see the list of participants.

Before getting access to the site, you will have to register. Relax, it only takes a minute at most. Just add your main character (or all of them if you wish), specify which guilds you are in and whether or not you are an officer or guild master in any of them.

Once you are registered, the forums await. You can also check the calendar for events (guild leaders and officers can add events on it).

As for what is missing? We need artwork for the site background and also for the header. Additionally, the About page and the Guild Directory need to be updated with information on our gathering, as well as advertisements for the guilds involved.

I hope we all get to make good use of this place!


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Cheers, Thanks for putting this together.
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