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Guardians of...
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Our old system for ranks was pretty basic, revolving around what affinity you tended to follow IC. However, as the guild grows, it is going to be more beneficial to have defined ranks and advancements for people to progress to. As such, I've re-ordered our structure to allow for this, as well as fit and accommodate how we are more likely to look at problems, as Druids.

Ranks are split between two sub-factions;
Wardens reflect our physical, combative side. Druids of the Claw, Talon, or any who would respond eagerly to the call of battle. They are the muscle, might and ferocity of the Guardians.
Weavers are our spiritualists, land-menders, and emissaries. Working their trade and keeping distance from the danger of the battlefield, our Weavers are the wise speakers of the Guardians, often advising, mentoring, and advocating passivity where it would better suit a confrontation.

A Revered member of each caste are exemplary cases, those that can be relied upon to work with others and actively seek to better the Grove in its entirety.

A High Warden or Weaver are the leaders of their group, the position only being able to be held by two committed members at a time. Expectations for a High Weaver, for example, would be to help push the Guardians to areas that they're required, and coach the less experienced Druids if needed. A High Warden, by contrast, would guide their caste into areas where more force is required, striking strategically and tactically with what forces they command. In addition, they would be the individuals responsible for organizing and overseeing sparring among the Guardians.

When a new Druid decides to join the Guardians, they will be classified as a Prospective, untested in mind or body, they will need to work to obtain familiarity and respect among their peers. Successful prospects will then be Proven, a between-position between Warden and Weaver, requiring a short ritual of commitment to one or the other, overseen by the respective leader of their caste.

Guardian Leadership

First Guardian: Rendclaw

High Warden: Rendi'ati
High Weaver: Mayepaoska
May the glow of the Sky Father's eyes forever light your path home.
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