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Name: Umathyor Ironhoof
Nicknames: Uma
Race: Tauren
Gender: Male
Age: Middle aged
Height: Normal height for a Tauren
Body Type: Broad
Birthplace: Land of a Thousand Needles
Home: Thunder Bluff
Class: Warrior
Titles: Chieftain

Description: Umathyor is middle aged. His braided beard and mane are salted with grey. His steel grey eyes are deep and thoughtful. The corners of his mouth are turned up in a slaight smile and he gives off an air of self confidence. He is no overly tall for a Tauren, but his body and arms are thick. His hide is primarily white with large chocolate brown patches. Uma is most often covered with some form of armor and he seldomly goes unarmed. The flesh that can be seen is criss-crossed with old scars and puckers. His wide horns are slashed and sport more than a few notches and chips from weapon strikes.

Umathyor is not comfortable around any race from the Eastern Kingdoms. Though he will not be rude initially, his conversations with Blood Elves and Undead will be short and pointed. He will not tolerate arrogance in any form from either of the two races and will loose his temper quickly. The few Undead and Blood Elf friendships he does have, took years to develop.

The rest you will need to learn yourself...........
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