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Broken Horn
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Name: Qaleq Brokenhorn (named for guild, not the opposite)
Nicknames: Gloommoon
Race: Shu'halo
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Height: 11'4"
Weight: 1,294 LBS
Body Type: Muscular
Skin/Fur: Cream colored with darker grey hair on the mane; two long braids coming down on either side of the face
Tattoos: None
Scars: None visible
Horns/Tusks: Long, low and full, off-white in color
Beard: Long, waist length braid.
Eyes: blue eyes.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Chaste
Birthplace: The Mulgore.
Home: Thunderbluff
Totem: Raven
Class: Druid of the Talon
Titles: Plagueshifter

I am Qaleq, named Gloommoon by my master because of my tendency to become depressed during a full moon over the loss of my people, the Windrunners. I was born on the plains of Mulgore. I am the fourth born to my mother, Kyriqa. My father was killed by the centaurs while hunting on the plain and I never knew him.

As a young shu'halo, I would run, play, hunt, fish, enjoy the life of freedom on the plains. But the threat of the centaur was ever present. My good friend, Mopiq, would alway come along side and give strength through his own actions and character. He is closer than a brother to me. We were inseparable in those days, doing everything together. His hide is dark as night, while mine is light as day, and yet we were the same.

But one day when we had experienced a dozen rotations of the seasons, we were separated for our future vocational training. Mopiq was chosen to take the path of the hunter, and I, the path of the druid. My first teacher was Jarek, a tribal elder who took me under his wing. He taught me to respect nature in a way I had never known before. The power of the druid comes from this relationship with the natural world. I saw trees as my brother and the small animals as my sister. I learned to draw on the power of the sun and the moon.

Eventually, Jarek said he could teach me no more. Eleven more cycles of the seasons had past. Jarek sent me to Thunder Bluff to learn at the feet of his old master, Turak Runetotem. It is there that the real training began. I was physically conditioned and mentally toughened; I developed a deep rapport with the sources of druidic power and focus. I communed with the Earth Mother, with nature itself. I chose the discipline of Balance, the defining principle, and the path of the Plagueshifter, determined to combat the plague infested lands of the Eastern Kingdoms.

It was at this time that my master took me into the Emerald Dream to rest and to prepare. It was at this time that the Burning Legion first entered Azeroth. And it was at this time that I became without a tribe. During my stay in the Emerald Dream, while my body lay protected upon the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff, that a centaur raid attacked and destroyed my village on the plains of Mulgore.

Once my stay in the Emerald Dream was complete, and my spirit had reunited with my physical being, I began in earnest to seek out balance in Azeroth. I sought for balance within my own life, but knew that without a tribe, without a family, I would never be whole. And so I traveled the plains going from tribe to tribe, looking for a connection. In my searching I found my friend Mopiq who had been searching just as I was. I was surprised to see him yet alive, even as he was to see me. He told of the tribe called the Broken Horn, and how he felt welcome in this new family. And with his encouragement, I came to visit with the chieftain of the Broken Horn.

Now I am here, having spoken to Telucti, chieftain of the Broken Horn. And I choose the name of my tribe as my own. I am Qaleq Brokenhorn.
Qaleq Brokenhorn, Plagueshifter
Gloommoon by mentor
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