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Broken Horn
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Episode 1: Broken Horns

-Telucti's simple, but neat handwriting adorns the parchment, written in Orcish.-

Day 10, Month 7 of the Year 31

Tonight, I held the Broken Horn's first feast as a tribe and it is the first time I've truly felt happy with a tribe in a very long time. Lozen Gloryseeker taught us how to make fry bread, and my mate helped cook the meal, both of which were very delicious. Many of the tribe had much fun, including myself. This was a step in the right direction, and I can only thank the Ancestors for bringing that bull to me to give me the idea of starting a tribe. Our fun was cut short however, as I detected what I perceived to be several dozen hooves. It troubled me, and an attempt to pull away from the group quietly was thwarted by an observant tribe member, Thoaru Steelmane. As they followed me to the edge of the cliff to look down into the valley below, I realized my worst fears. Centaur. Centaur so close to my tribe's home could only mean one thing, war was coming, and deep down, I knew this. I ordered one of my own, Taromal Cloudhoof to select a handful of those in the tribe who would wish to defend their home, and set sentries, one on the northern boundary of our lands, one on the south, and one between those two and I ordered them to watch, and gave Taro charge of organizing them. I know they will prove themselves well.

Day 17, Month 7 of the Year 31

At the urging of Lozen Gloryseeker, our tribe's High Sunwalker, I have decided that the time to watch the Centaur has long passed. I decided to scout the camps out, and returned with troubling news. They are stockpiling resources for some reason, and they are killing too much game. For what, I don't know. Maybe the visions that I and many of my tribe have been having may be the reason, or maybe they are just ramblings like others have said. Perhaps their oracles have seen it too, and now they are preparing. At any rate, we drove them from our lands, killing only what we could to make a point that they were not welcomed here, not welcome to kill off our food source. The storm I had called drove the rest off, and now our land is ours again. At least we have recovered our food source, and our hunting grounds. But I still have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This is not over. I named Taromal Cloudhoof High Brave of the Broken Horn for his valor in battle and his willingness to step up and lead. He will make a good counselor.

Day 19, Month 7 of the Year 31

Chieftain Etu Treehoof and a few of his menders have come to our lands and healed what damage the storm and the Centaur caused. A kind, honorable bull, a bit timid and shy perhaps, but his heart is good. He healed our lands, and spoke of a fire elemental they found around the charred lands. They said I had summoned him, but I had no memory of doing so. Perhaps it was the fire caused by the lightning, but no matter, they freed him and ceased his wandering. I thanked him and his menders with water and food for the journey back home.

Day 21, Month 7 of the Year 31

Today, Thoaru led a hunt to replenish our food stores. I went along and blessed their hunt, and was glad to see the ancestors did as well. They returned with two kodos, and a calf for Thoaru to raise. It was a joyous occasion that was cut short as I felt the ancestors pull me to the top of a mountain. What I saw made my stomach knot. A war band of Centaur, and headed towards the north from the Stagnant Oasis. I knew they were heading towards our land. Quickly I descended the mountain and ordered them back to camp, and gave orders for our High Brave to reinstate the watches. We will not lie down and take this.

Day 8, Month 8 of the Year 31

-Telucti's handwriting was a bit messier this time, and the paper smells a bit like an earthy salve.-

This is it. The warband arrived and I called the tribe together. I will not allow them to die, and so I gave the order for them to retreat to Thunderbluff. But our retreat was much too late, something I have never seen before in my life appeared in the sky. It looked like the Zeppelins the Goblins are famous for, but there was no balloon. It hung, suspended in the air, unmoving, silent, watching. I watched as the front of the ship glowed green and lobbed what looked to be felfire. A giant green ball of fire that flew through the air and connected with the land, most likely annihilating the Centaur warband. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or afraid that we now had this new unknown to contend with. My questions, however, were soon answered when several demons materialized before my eyes. This is what the visions were talking about, they were true and I knew it. Those who could fight did, to protect those who could not. The retreat was sounded, and thankfully we all made it out alive, but many of us were injured. Varooc received an axe in the shoulder for his efforts, Kanama received a minor concussion and a few cuts and scrapes, Sotari was injured by Lozen while she was under some kind of influence, contoling her actions. And I, in place of my mate, Ashkii, took a Legion spear to the abdomen. I'm not sure what happened then, but the next thing I remember, I awoke in Thunderbluff. My mate and another druid, Rakorin stood over me, their faces etched with concern. I am glad we all made it out alive, but now we are without a home. I will write more of that later, but now I must sleep.
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Broken Horn
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Episode 2: Exodus

The First Day of the Ninth Month, Year 31

-Telucti's handwriting is much more neater than the previous scroll entry, and is written in Orcish.-

It has been nearly a month since we were forced from our homes by the Legion, and not a day goes by that I don't think about retaking it. That was our land, our way of life. We respected it, guarded it, nurtured it and it was all torn away in a matter of minutes. If only I had called for the other tribes' aid, perhaps we would have a home. I know the Wolfmane have lost their home as well, and we can only sympathize with them. We know their pain, and I pray that the Earth Mother comforts them. It seems many have lost in this war for our world, and more will join them. We must do what we can to help them and prevent more losses. Mine and my tribe mates' wounds have healed, and we have regained our strength. The spear took quite a bit from me, with the combination of blood loss and fel taint, I am surprised it did not claim my life. But I was strong, and regained my strength quickly and now I am better than I was, stronger too. I will need to be to weather the coming storm.

We have lingered here in our people's capital for far too long, and now it is time we found our own home. I called them together to discuss where we should go next, and many had their opinions. Fall is approaching and winter will not be far behind. We must go. Many of them were quite vocal, calling for Feralas, one even saying Ratchet. But above all there were two that many agreed would be the best option. The first, cleansing our land of the fel taint, caused by the Legion's invasion of the Northern Barrens and the second, a call for an unknown place, somewhere called High Mountain. I listened closely to the tales some of my people have told, and heard of these Tauren with horns like that of a moose and I must admit, their land and their way of life interests me. After calming the tribe down, and focusing their attention on me, I tasked many of my tribe with a few quests. Calling on those who were able to heal the land, and those who would help them, I tasked them with going to our old camp. They are to see if it is possible to heal the land. If so, then they will, and if not, they will leave and we will rebuild elsewhere. The second, I called upon those who would serve as Emissaries to this High Mountain tribe, those who would represent the Broken Horn in the best way, showing these High Mountain that we can be trusted and can even be a valuable ally. But we must learn what we are dealing with first, as I do not wish to walk into a new land completely blind, so I tasked Taketu Skychaser and my sister, Nashotah Bloodhoof with scouting the land, finding game trails, hidden paths, and a good spot for a camp. Lozen Gloryseeker, Thoaru Ironmane, and Taromal Cloudhoof have gone to the High Mountain's home to study them and learn their ways before we go, so we may know their ways and their customs and so we do not offend them unintentionally.

I can only hope that this High Mountain and her tribes will be worth our time and effort. I will wait patiently for our tribemate's return and will write more when they do.

-The last few letters look as if someone had bumped Telucti's writing hand, possibly a child.-

Sixth Day of the Ninth Month, Year 31

Today I sent several of my best gifted healers to our lands north of the Crossroads. I accompanied them to our old home, only to find that the land had been twisted, changed from the one peaceful land I had known for seventeen years. Several game animals and twisted, corrupted centaur bodies scattered the land, showing me that the felfire made no distinction between who was who, and consumed all. Looking upon the land I, or we rather, once called home, seeing the tall, proud spruce trees now reduced to charred, twisted and corrupted hunks of dead wood and the animals I had hunted to survive dead, nearly broke me. But I could not weep in front of my tribemates, no, I refused to.

We attempted to heal the land as best as we could, but were intercepted by several demons. I think they called these demons "infernals." Enormous hunks of corrupted stone, bound together by fel magic. We and an orc by the name of Skorest cut them down fairly easily, and their overlord, another demon called a "Dreadlord." He fell as well, underneath the fury of the elements, and our own. But things seemed to only take a turn for the worst as a much, much larger demon, called a Pitlord appeared. He was much too powerful for us to fight, and at the urging of Skorest to retreat to safety, I heeded his call and sounded the retreat, much to the distaste of several of those in the tribe. I would not let them die to this demon. With the retreat sounded, many disengaged and returned to Crossroads. Sotari ran off in the other direction, and Harjahi and I gave chase. She wasn't too pleased to see that we had come after her. but she'll get over it. I will not leave her behind.

Once I, Sotari and Harjahi returned to the Crossroads, I could see the faces of my brothers and sisters, and their distress. We had no hope of reclaiming our home for the time being, and they knew it and I nearly wept once more, but again, I refused. These shu'halo look to me for guidance, for wisdom, for strength, and I cannot show weakness. A chieftain must weep in private, comforted by his mate.I knew this once I took up that mantle, that it would be difficult. But seeing their faces, their laughter, their smiles, it is what keeps me going. If not for them, if not for the Broken Horn, I would be nothing but a lost shaman. I will not fail them like I have others, we will rebuild elsewhere.

I can only hope that Nashotah, Taketu, Lozen, Cliff, and Taromal return soon and that these Highmountain are welcoming of their brethren. Highmountain may be our only hope for a new home, and we will do what is necessary to gain their trust.

Seventeenth Day of the Ninth Month, Year 31

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