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Wolfmane Tribe
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**Tribe created on July 20, 2015**

Chapter One: An Uncertain Present

Raton Wolfmane finds success in infiltrating a camp of pirates and slavers but was too late to save Halonna, the mother of his children. Returning to his tribe; The Earthspear, the High Strider finds the village abandoned and his kin no where to be found. With no clues to point him in any direction, Raton embarks on a quest for any sign for his lost kin and mate. As time passes, he encountered lost Earthspear as well as Tribeless Tauren without a home and so he gathered them in Thunder Bluff. Still he continued to search for his former Chieftain and mate. The group grew quickly and the remnant of the Earthspear Tribe and those that had joined them became a new tribe with Raton as their Chieftain. They became the Wolfmane Tribe.

Many challenges lay ahead of the fledgling tribe. Winter was steadily approaching and many lost kin remained to be found but the safety of Thunder Bluff and the lodge they had settled in offered them hope among each other. In time the Wolfmane found allies in the Stonehammer Clan whose duty was to protect the people of the Northern Barrens. Lead by a Sunwalker named Talre, the clan offered all the supplies needed to last through the coming winter in exchange for friendship. The agreement was happily made but not long celebrated. Tensions between the Orc Clan Warfang and the Stonehammer appeared to be leading to war and such a war could spell disaster for the young tribe. Chieftain Raton pledged only what help they could give to Talre and his clan while avoiding the conflict.

Relations with the Warfang Clan seemed to become strained because of this and the tribe would be drawn into conflict as well. But some unexpected events happened. Hoping to avoid attack on the Wolfmane, Chieftain Raton and High Brave Blackwolf sought an alliance with the War Riders; a military organization within the Horde. A relation beyond friendship quickly blossomed and the War Riders quickly became known as "Wolf Brothers and Sisters" to the Wolfmane. Not long after, the Warfang offered for the Wolfmane to accompany them and others into battle against demons in the Ashenvale region. Because the tribe had continued to grow, Chieftain Raton was able to send a impressive force of braves lead by High Brave Blackwolf Grimtotem. The battle was long and harsh but the Horde races found victory.

However the losses were great as the leader of the Warfang Warlord Burskrag fell honorable in battle. The Wolfmane Tauren gathered with the Clan and their allies to honor the fallen warrior. Through battle and mourning, friendships were forged that continue to last. The tribe began to be called upon to aid other groups in battle aiding the Warfang Clan and House Cinderwise. One of which nearly cost the lives of the Chieftain and some of the tribe. Feeling that the Wolfmane had seen far more combat than a newly forged tribe should, Raton turned his attention inwards to the tribe. Requests for the tribe's assistance were reluctantly turned away. Having experienced so much in a short amount of time, the tribe had become strong and many alliances had been made. With all that had happened, the Wolfmane were on a path to greater things but now was the time to live simply.
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Wolfmane Tribe
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Chapter Two: From the Ashes

Feeling the tribe was ready to return to the nomadic traditions of the Old Ways, Chieftain Raton took the tribe into the Stonetalon Mountains and camp was made in the settlement of Sun Rocks Retreat. The Wolfmane found that they were welcomed by the Stonewind Tribe whom called the settlement their home. Raton had only intended to stay a short time as the tribe was to continue to be nomandic. Their short time in Sun Rocks as well as they relation with the Stonewind were strained at best until their departure.

The Wolfmane would next camp on the Southfury River at a small Horde outpost known as Far Watch Post. Here the tribe enjoyed short trips to the outskirts of Orgrimmar to enjoy Brewfest as well as the calm beauty of the land around them. The tribe continued to grow as the Wolfmane enjoyed the festivities and the relative peace of the Region. That peace did not last as a shaman of the tribe became enraged at the loss of his unborn calf. The shaman Telucti nearly destroyed the settlement almost killing the Chieftain and Spokana. In a combined effort the tribe mortally wounded Telucti before he made a last moment escape. If not for being found by some friendly individuals Telucti would have met his end in the wilds. Having lost there supplies for winter it was up to the Wolfmane to recover from the rampage.
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Wolfmane Tribe
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Chapter Three: Reclaimer

Picking up camp in far Watch Post, Chieftain Raton lead the tribe traveled south into the Southern Barrens to the hidden trail he had discovered for his previous tribe. This path took the Wolfmane into unclaimed territory high into the mountains that formed the border between Mulgore and the Barrens. Coming upon the abandoned village of the lost tribe, the tribe settled here and claimed the land as their own. The village would serve as their winter camp and a permanent settlement. A place for which the tribe to return every winter for there was safety to be found here. But they were not alone....

A Shu'halo hermit shaman who had settled in the area welcomed the tribe's arrival. The Chieftain discovered through speaking with him that his shaman Shkarn found the village as it was and made it his home. Given the warm welcome given by Shkarn, the Chieftain deemed that the tribe would respect his right to live in the area and that his hut on the west side of the village would be left alone.

And so the Dance of the Earthmother came and winter with it. Through the efforts of many, enough supplies were gathered to survive as long as the tribe continued to gather. As long as success was found on the hunts, the tribe would survive till the Earthmother awoke in the spring.
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Wolfmane Tribe
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Chapter Four: Separate Ways

Finding themselves high in their lands of the southern mountains of Mulgore winter did not proved to be as dangerous to the tribe this year as the season was mild. But other dangers were to be found seemingly from all directions. Rogue Alliance ignoring the treaty of peace continued to raid from Durotar to Feralas. While the tribe engaged these enemies occasionally in defense of settlements and caravans, the tribe remained remotely safe from old hatred.

The Quillboar populations had grown large and so did their confidence. New leaders began to lead their barbarians on raids in both the southern and northern barrens on Shu'halo and Horde settlements. Horde leaders came to call this aggression the "Quillboar Uprising." At the same time Grimtotem had been sent by one of their Chieftain to hunt specific defectors within the Wolfmane. A task in which these hunters were successful.

Chieftain Raton along with his council sent war parties to aid both Shu'halo and Horde in their fights as well as to guard from further Grimtotem incursions into the Southern Barrens. After successful skirmishes with both the Grimtotem and the Quillboar, the chieftain lead the tribe on a direct raid of a Quillboar village but the tribe was ultimately forced to retreat in defeat. Although the Stoneblade Legion and Southfury Watch and cleansed the Northern Barrens of this threat, the Quillboar remained in the south.

Sadly enemies appeared within the Horde as well. Two Tauren mercenaries in the employment of an elven house took notice of the Wolfmane and began to criticize the tribe for having no oath to the Horde and hunting in the Barrens and Mulgore. Calling the tribe thieves and traitors, these tauren attempted to deny passage to Wolfmane attempting to enter Orgrimmar. Head Brave Blackwolf, Elder Shaman Khonsi, and the Chieftain traveled to Silvermoon to confront these slanderers but were unable to alter opinions. Such accusations proved to be the sparks of fire for as winter progressed, these rumors seemed to spread.

The Wolfmane found their bonds truly tested from the hardships the winter brought but the tribe endured to see Spring was again. The Chieftain called to the Shu'halo tribes both independent and Horde to come together as one people. The Whitehorn and Stonewind tribes answered the call and as one people the tribes awoke the Earthmother from her slumber and aided her in the changing of the seasons. Many Horde came together in celebration.

Despite peaceful gatherings, the rumors continued to spread like a wildfire across a parched land. Knowing just how the Horde could deal with those that were deemed traitors, the Chieftain began to lead the tribe south to the ends of the Kalimdor in search of safety. But to reach the once lost lands of Uldum the tribe would have to endure a harsh journey. For those unable to make such a trek, Elder Huwah volunteered to remain behind and guide those that remained.

And so the tribe separated with Chieftain Raton leading the majority of the tribe south while those accompaning Elder Huwah decided to seek sanctuary in Moonglade. As they wait for word from the Circle, these Wolfmane have traveled to Ratchet and disguised themselves as wanderers and mercenaries known as the Ironhide Muruaders hopng to remain hidden from unfriendly eyes.

But the tale is not over yet. The story continues....
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Wolfmane Tribe
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Chapter Five: Hoofprints in the Sand

The sands of Uldum were not the most welcoming to the people of the Wolfmane, or at least to their hooves and shoes. Spending spring in the desert was not the most ideal path, however it was required for the safety of the tribe. Chieftain Raton has lead his followers from Thunder Bluff to Uldum, a most ardous path that took several weeks to complete, not devoid of threats along the way. The tribe journeyed through Stonetalon Mountains, Desolace, Feralas, Thousand Needles and Tanaris.

The first stop was in Stonetalon Mountains, in and around the Malaka'Jin camp, located near excellent hunting and gathering grounds, as well as within the reach of the blood families of several tribemates. The journey to Ghost Walker Post was mostly uneventful, save for a giant spider assault, which was pushed back without casualties by the determined Shu'halo and their smaller brethren. The lands of Desolace were not as hostile as they used to be, providing a pleasant home to the tribe during its two week stay. Feralas was a most wonderful home to the tribe, with an over abundance of foods and crafting materials, as well as several friendly and unfriendly tribes to visit. The stay in Camp Mojache was mostly safe, permitting the tribe to construct canoes for the next leg of the journey. With Mu'sha shining upon them, the Wolfmane traveled across the Thousand Needles, reaching the deserts of Tanaris. Here they settled in Gadgetzan, savoring the amenities of the Goblin city, before moving onto the final destination, to Uldum.

The last leg of the journey to Uldum was tragic unfortunately, as Elder Khonsi was slain by what appeared to be a Horde assassin. Following a most somber funeral, the tribe camped around the city of Ramkahen, enjoying the comforts of the Tol'vir city, as well as aiding and trading with the locals, before moving onto a small oasis north of the city. Life in the oasis was tumultuous, as food shortages, bandits, inner strifes and stagnation tested the tribe, yet the Wolfmane prevailed. The bandits were pushed back, their hostages freed. The inner tensions were quelled with the departure of a handful of tribemates that did not agree with the tribe's ways. The tribal council grew, welcoming Bruhai as the new Elder Shaman, Izzilox Blastfuse as the Pathfinder, Kaliwah Pinehoof as the new Grandmaster Monk and Krojen Pridemane as the High Brave.

Two months later, the tribe's name was at long last cleared, the Horde and its allies no longer considering the Wolfmane a threat. The weary tribe finally was given the blessing to move back to move hospitable lands, and departed from the desert by boats, landing in Ratchet and migrating to Thunder Bluff for a short stay. In the capital city of the Shu'halo, the two groups finally reunited, ready to start a new chapter in the chronicles of the Wolfmane tribe...
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