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Broken Horn
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Here's Telucti's favorite story to tell at Story Circle and one I completely made up on the spot nearly a year ago.

The Adventure of Little Bear:

A long time ago, somewhere deep within the forests of Feralas, there lived Little Bear and his mother, Momma Bear. Little Bear was a curious and adventurous cub, always yearning to venture beyond the small cave and little section of forest he had been born in. Day in and day out, as Little Bear walked with his mother to forage and hunt for food, he longed to go out on his own in search of adventure or something to relieve the otherwise dull and uneventful life that Little Bear thought he had.

"If only I could just leave this small section of forest I've lived in all my life. Just think of all the fun and new friends I could have if I only just left!" Little Bear would say softly as he trailed behind his mother. "If only!"

Little Bear would say this every day he walked with his mother, who would only just chuckle and shake her head. But Little Bear would not laugh, for he was quite serious. This went on for several weeks, until Little Bear finally worked the courage up to take that first step out of the den. Little Bear awoke several hours before Momma Bear did, and took what little supplies they had and tied them in a knapsack around his neck and took his first step out of the den into the green unknown.

Little Bear was filled with excitement as his emerald orbs surveyed the forest. It seemed so welcoming to the young cub, as beautiful butterflies fluttered through the air and gorgeous flowers soaked up what rays of sunlight pierced the emerald canopy. Little Bear inhaled deeply, and a wide smile sprouted on his lips as he nodded and set off into the forest to explore. Oh, what fun Little Bear had as he traipsed through the forest, seeing all kinds of new things that he had never seen before. Creeks, new flowers, boulders, bushes and new insects greeted him at every turn and Little Bear was filled with such joy that he did not realize how far he had wandered and how the once welcoming and friendly forest had become dark, uninviting, and frightening. Little Bear stopped and unslung his knapsack from his neck and laid it on the boulder he had stood on. He sat down with a nervous sigh, trying his best to fight back the growing fear that skulked in the back of his mind. He looked down at his knapsack and untied it, only to be greeted by the sigh of only a few berries and a couple pieces of dried, salted meat. Little Bear was so busy with his surroundings that he did not notice the hole in the bottom of his makeshift bag that had allowed his food to fall out while he walked.

"Oh no!" Little Bear exclaimed to no one in particular. "Now how will I eat or survive?"

The crack of twigs and the rustling of the brush suddenly froze Little Bear in fear. He turned ever so slightly towards the origin of the sound, only to glimpse what seemed to be an unnaturally colored material. A hunter. Little Bear bolted from the rock, completely forgetting what remained of his supplies. He ran and he ran until he felt his legs would give out from underneath him, and he ran some more. He ran until he couldn't take another step, and turned to face the direction he had come, only to see dark bushes and dense undergrowth, with only the sound of twigs and leaves being crushed underfoot. Little Bear was frightened so much that he did not realize where he was and took a single step back and fell.

Little Bear tumbled down the cliff face, rolling over and over until he hit the ground at the foot of the cliff hard, knocking the air from the cub's lungs. He gasped and gasped for air until his lungs refilled with air and he pushed himself up on to his paws and cried out for his mother. After he had stopped, he wiped the tears from his eyes and blinked at his surroundings. He had to find a way home. Little Bear walked for hours, and hours until he ran through what little hope he had, and finally found a tree to lay under and die.

"Little Bear?" A voice called. "Little Bear?!"

Little Bear sat up, his ears perked and a glimmer of hope filled his eyes. Was that his mother? Little Bear focused his ears to listen closer, and then suddenly jumps up to his paws, his hope renewed.

"Follow my voice, Little Bear! I shall guide you!" His mother called. "Come!"

Little Bear took off, his strength and energy renewed. He followed his mother's voice through raging rivers, over ravines and through treacherous cliffs. His hope never waivered once, and a happy smile never left his face until he came to the small area he knew and had grown up in. Momma Bear's voice grew stronger and stronger, the closer he got to his home, until Momma Bear appeared at the mouth of the cave. A happy look on her face that her cub had returned home. Little Bear ran to his mother and leaped at her, wrapping his arms around her body. He buried his face into her fur and cried.

"I'll never leave you again, Momma Bear! I swear it on Mu'sha and on An'she!" Little Bear cried. "I swear it!"

Momma Bear only laughed and shook her head, hugging her cub. "I know, Little Bear. But I will not always be there to guide you, and there will be a time when you must guide your own cubs." She said, ruffling his fur. "But never forget that I will be there with you in spirit, and if you should forget, I will place a reminder in the sky for you."

Momma Bear gestured towards the sky, where Mu'sha shines brightly in the night sky. There underneath Mu'sha's brilliance, was placed a constellation, nearly as bright as Mu'sha herself. Little Bear was filled with wonder at the sight and hugged his mother as tightly as he could, his heart swelling. This was an adventure and a lesson he would not soon forget.

There, today, lies Momma Bear's stars, serving as a reminder to those who think themselves alone.
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