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Broken Horn
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The sounds of rumbling thunder, a flash of lightning, a female screaming in the distance, and finally the gentle light of a latern, shining softly in the darkness. These were all a part of the Spirit Journey that had forced him to seek his answers for himself. The white faced, black furred bull opened his eyes, just as a hot wind from the south blew his now shaggy mane out from in front of his icy, pale blue eyes, and caused his waist long braids to sway gently in the wind. He glanced up in the sky, hand placed against his brow to shield his eyes from An'she's harsh light. He had maybe a few hours of daylight left to reach the camp, nestled in the verdant oasis just a handful of miles to the west from the clutch of boulders he stood on, among a sea of tans and browns. He silently cursed his black fur as he took a sip of water from his water skin, and took his first step down from the boulders, and began this trek to the camp, his ancient blue armor a stark contrast of color from the otherwise boring tans. It was time. With a small smile over his shoulder to the calf that was nestled softly against his back, he started off.

Telucti had crossed the small distance in a relatively short period of time, just as An'she began his descent towards the horizon, casting several hues of oranges, reds and purples across the sky. He stopped for a moment, and glanced back at the sight, just long enough to appreciate the colors before heading into the camp, where the sounds of living were heard and the sight of campfire smoke was seen. This was home, this was the Wolfmane Tribe, or so he thought. Telucti hesitated, just a few inches into the camp, memories of the first time he returned after his . . . exile. How they wanted to kill him, or at the very least, banish him from the tribe. He could clearly recount their snarling faces, filled with well deserved malice and the burning need for revenge. Spokana, Krojen, Kiran, and the others, all held back by only their Chieftain, Raton Wolfmane, and a single Pandaren outlander, Kaizumi Stormpaw. The memories faded quickly, being replaced with one of a bright blue bolt of lightning which arched through the air and struck Raton in the chest, knocked him into the hill and sent him rolling it, where he stopped at the foot of it, lifeless. Telucti shook the image from his mind and furrowed his brow, finishing his trek to the center of the camp, where several new faces sat, circling a large campfire. They stopped, and studied him, but otherwise said nothing. Telu grunted at them, his form of greeting, before he searched them for a familiar face, finding none he moved on.

"Telucti?" A feminine voice asked, stopping him in his tracks and causing his heart to leap into his throat. He hesitated, his jaw clenched and breath caught in his throat for he did not want to turn around and see her again. Of course, he had switched between blaming her and then himself for what all had happened. If it were not for her, and his falling for her, then he would be whole. With a deep inhale, he willed himself to turn and face the female, his chain clinking and his braids swaying lightly with the movement. There, standing behind him, was Karanga Fogrunner, and one of her closest friends, a brown female named Aunena. He could feel their eyes on him, and he nearly cracked under what he assumed what their accusing gaze. His icy blue eyes surveyed Aunena, who looked away quickly earning a grunt from Telu. Telucti looked back at Karanga and nodded, he had indeed returned from his pilgrimage. "Where is my sister?" Telucti Bloodhoof asked, his voice low and rough in the night. "Nashotah Bloodhoof."

"I don't know where your sister is." Karanga said, attempting to give him a friendly smile, which quickly faltered when Telu did not return it. "I haven't seen her in a while, perhaps she's out on a hunt?"

Telucti only grunted at that, and turned half away. "Where is her tent?" He asked, his eyes surveying the camp, looking for signs. "Where is she living?"

"On the outskirts of camp just over there, she's a bit of a loner sometimes." Karanga said, earning another grunt from Telucti.

"You would be too, if you had lost your mate." Telucti replied coldly, his tone firmly stating that he had no love for the female any longer. "Excuse me."

Telucti didn't bother to listen to hear if she had replied before he took his leave, heading to the outskirts of camp in the direction that Karanga had said. It didn't take the bull long to find the tent that his sister had been living in.

"Nashotah?" He called out before waiting a few moments to see if she responded. "It's your brother, Telu."

There was no answer, and so Telucti brushed back the tent's flap with a single arm, and ducked his head inside to check it out. The tent was messy, as was to be expected from Nashotah Bloodhoof, but there was no sign of her, or her bow and quiver. Telucti gave a disappointed sigh to not find her there, and removed his head and gazed from the front of her tent back out into the camp. A loner, indeed.

It was a few days before Nashotah returned, carrying some strange bird, almost like a plainstrider. Telu had made himself at home in her tent, like they did when they were calves. He had cleaned the tent, and spent the day playing with Lysh'kawa inside the tent and spent a few hours at night to himself, the elements and the whispers of the ancestors when he could hear them. He was sitting out at the campfire he had built when she strode up, her fur dusty and her leather armor all dirty from the hunt. She stopped for a moment, and furrowed her brow, almost as if she didn't recognize her brother. "Telu?" She asked, her face softening and her eyes moisting. She dropped her game, and her bow and arrow and ran towards her brother, leaping in his arms and hugging him tightly around the neck. "Telulu, I thought you had left me again, I was so worried!" She stepped back and wiped the tears from her eyes, and looked up at him, earning a soft chuckle from him. He reached out and wiped a tear she had missed with the pad of his thumb before shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Nash." He said, peering at her from behind his shaggy mane. "I will never leave you again, I swear it."

Nashotah nodded her head, and glanced up at him, giving him a smile. "So much has happened since you left, Telulu. Karanga is getting paired tomorrow to Kiran, your friend and there's a feather ceremony next week. Your name has been on the list for the last three, brother."

Telucti stopped, and furrowed his hidden brow at that, that was news to him and he could feel the anger rising inside of him, but he quickly pushed it away. "I see." Was all he said concerning the pairing ceremony. "I am glad to have returned in time for the Feather Ceremony." He said, attempting a smile that didn't last long. "But I see you've got game, and I'm awfully hungry. I hope you don't mind, I cleaned your tent up and have been staying there since you were gone. Come on."

---The Next Day----

Telu stood off in the back during the pairing ceremony, his blue eyes watching the two shu'halo as they went about the ceremony, guided by Spokana. He took long drags on the cigar hanging between his lips as he watched the pairing ceremony, his blue eyes full of hurt. How could someone he thought of as his friend do this to him? He narrowed his eyes at the two, and watched the entire thing and soon it was over, and Telu was thanking the Earth Mother with every step he took towards the line of tribemates who were giving them gifts. He did not bring any gifts for the two, and why would he? Quickly he reached into his pack and pulled a few fresh cigars and a skin of firewater from inside and waited his turn to give it.

The tension and awkwardness was thick in the air as he approached, and Karanga averted her gaze from Telu's when he set it on the female. He grunted his disgust and looked to Kiran, who had the same goofy smirk on his face as always. Telu nodded his head at him, and handed him the cigars and the firewater skin. "I didn't get you a gift, so I thought you could use these. You'll need them." He said, as he looked towards Karanga periodically, before shifting his eyes back to Kiran, who chuckled. "Thank you, brother. I'll be sure to put them to good use." He said, turning to place them with the others before Telu's hand shot out and pulled the bull close. "Be better for her." Telucti whispered. "Make her happy, more than I was able to." Kiran gave a nod, and Telucti released the bull before turning to leave to return back to camp.

The Camp was completely empty,just perfect for Telucti. He wanted to be alone and anyways, and once he got to his tent, he popped open a skin of firewater and began his drunken night. It wasn't long until people filtered in, back from the ceremony, and Telu was beginning to grow angry at it all. How could he sit here and take this? Constantly reopening old wounds would never allow them to heal properly, and he would never become any better than he was now. His head pounded, like an earth elemental was smashing it's fists on the top of his skull relentlessly. He growled in pain, and placed two hands on his head to try and equalize the pressure, and that's when he heard hoofsteps. He grunted and pushed himself up onto his hooves, and stepped out of the tent, only to lay eyes on Karanga. She was still wearing her ceremonial robes, and Telu focused in on that. They sat on her frame, mocking and teasing him. "She's not yours anymore." They said, and that only angered him more.

"What do you want?" He growled, causing her to jump.

"I-I wanted to see if you were okay." Came her timid reply. "I wanted to see if I could fix this."

"There is nothing to fix, Karanga." He said, gruffly. "You made your choice, and you choose him. I understand that, just leave me alone. You always come to me, and it just makes things worse."

"But I-." She started, before Telucti cut her off.

"Shut up." He said, suddenly, his icy blue eyes boring into her. "Just shut up, Karanga. Don't you get it? I hate you, I hate everything you've done to me. I hate this tribe, I hate the memories it carries. I loved you, and you stabbed me in the back for Spokana, and our child died. Leave me."

"Telucti, I-."

"Good night, Karanga." Was all he said, before turning and going back into the tent to a restless night of sleep.

----The Day of the Feather Ceremony-----

It was time. He didn't belong here anymore, didn't feel at home with the Wolfmane. There were so many bad memories here, and he needed to get away before he broke again. As he trekked through camp towards the spot for the ceremony, he thought of how it was going to happen. He didn't want to drag it out, nor cause a scene, but there was no way he could or would accept his feather and whisperwood. It wasn't long for him to get there, and line up before the ceremony started. Raton Wolfmane stood in front of the Newcomers who were to receive their feather and the whisperwood, and spoke his lines about becoming a part of the tribe, but Telu paid no mind. He wasn't a part of the Wolfmane, never was, and he though they knew that.

"Telucti Bloodhoof." His name was called first, causing his heart to leap into his throat.

He stepped forward, and looked at Raton, who reached up and wrote something on his forehead, before turning to Karanga, who kept her eyes from Telu, but handed her Chieftain Telucti's whisperwood and feather. Raton held them out to Telucti, who made no move to accept. With a soft sigh to steel himself, Telucti shook his head.

"I cannot accept." He said.

"Why not, brother?" Came Raton's question.

"I cannot stay here any longer. I came to the Wolfmane with a purpose, to heal, and I cannot. Not while old wounds are constantly reopened. They will rot and fester, and I will never become any better. I am sorry, Raton, but I cannot accept this." Telucti said. "I must leave."

"I am sorry to hear that, brother." Raton said. "I hope you will walk with us again?"

"I'm afraid not." Telucti said, before turning and walking off.

---- Orgrimmar, a few days later-----

Telucti stood on the edge of the cliff in the Valley of Honor, his blue eyes staring into the small creek below. He did not hear the hoofsteps of the large, plate armored bull approach.

"Hello." The strange bull said.

"Hello." Telucti replied, not bothering to look.

"You seem kind of down, can I help?" The bull asked.

"No, I am lost." Telucti said. "I don't know what to do."

The bull studied Telucti, raised both eyebrows. "Maybe I can help. Tell me what's on your mind."

Telucti gave a sigh, and began his story, recounting every single detail he could, from the beginning of his time with the Wolfmane, to just the day before. The bull listened intently, nodded every so often to show he was listening. When Telucti was finished, he grunted and nodded again.

"I see, this is quite the problem." The bull said. "Well, let me ask you this, friend. What do you want to do?"

"I want to teach, to spread the shaman ways." Telu said, giving the bull a sideways glance.

"Well, what better way to do that, than to get a group? Teach them, then you'll have many!" He exclaimed.

"You mean, start a tribe?" Telu asked, his attention now fully on the bull.

"Sure, if that's what you wanna call it." He replied. "Earth Mother watch over you, Telucti Bloodhoof."

Telucti watched as the bull walked away, towards the tavern. He grunted and rested his eyes back on the creek below. Perhaps it could work, this idea of a tribe. Telu nodded to him and sighed, turning to begin his journey to Thunderbluff. It was worth a try.
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