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Broken Horn
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Name: Telucti Bloodhoof
Nicknames: Telu, Telulu, Half-horn, Ghost Face
Race: Shu'halo
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 10'0
Weight: 1.024 LBS
Body Type: Muscular
Skin/Fur: Black, white splashes on his face, on his belly and on the insides of his legs.
Hair/Mane: Long, and shaggy and often gets in his eyes. His three braids are waist length and bound with golden cloth.
Tattoos: None
Scars: Three on his face, one across his snout, one across his right eye and another horizontally across his left cheek. One going downwards, starting at the top of his collarbone and ended just below his left pectoral. He has matching wounds on the lower left side of his abdomen and a brand new pair of scars on the upper right side of his abdomen.
Horns/Tusks: Left horn is completely sheared off.
Beard: Long, waist length braid.
Eyes: Pale, blue eyes.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Mated
Birthplace: The Barrens.
Home: Thunderbluff
Totem: Wolf
Class: Shaman
Titles: The Wandering Storm, Elder Shaman, Chieftain.


Physical Description

Telu is your average male shu'halo, built with thick, corded and powerful muscles and standing at an even ten feet tall. While he usually hides his physique underneath his armor, it is clear that the bull is no push over.

His fur is generally well taken care of, washed and brushed, courtesy of Ashkii Bloodhoof and will mostly smell of pine and sandalwood, some of Telu's favorite scents. His coloring is of the darkest black, with splashes of an off-white on his face, his abdomen and between his legs. His mane is of the same dark black, but is kept long and shaggy, hanging well past his ears, down to his upper back and is often in his eyes, hiding them from view. His braids are just as long, now reaching down to his waist. Tied within his left braid are three feathers, one blue, one red and one purple, each a memorial to a lost soul.

From the sides of the bull's head sprout two thick black horns, which are spread out wide. The left, however was sheared off in a battle in his past, leaving him with only one complete horn, the point of which is in the middle between sharp and dull and could seriously harm someone if needed.

Peering out from behind his long, shaggy mane would be two pale, intense blue eyes which would study you closely. The eyes hold a tale of wisdom and knowledge that can only come from living and overcoming a hard life full of loss, grief and sorrow. They hold no hatred or anger like they did at one point, and occasionally will sparkle with a smile or a laugh.

Moving from Telucti's face, there lies a pendant around his neck. It is hand carved, and bears the likeness of a great oak tree, it's branches reaching high into the sky, and it's roots deep underground to symbolize the relationship between his mate and him. On either side of the tree carving are four beads, two on the left and two on the right. Each are a different color, red, blue, white, and green to symbolize the four elements and who Telu is.


Telu wears a set of what seems to be ancient, blue armor, passed down from his father and so on. Occasionally the armor will shimmer with the power of the elements, but it's story of where it came from is much less than adventurous or interesting. His shield would be the most important part of his armor, as it is centuries old. The shield is decorated with many different tidbits and souvenirs, which were added by ancestors long past. A few of the items attached are: an old, weathered totem, brown and cracked with age. It's carvings are now barely decipherable, and looked to resemble some sort of four legged animal, perhaps a wolf or a coyote. A canine tooth, carved with depictions of a group of shu'halo hunting a large wolf. And finally, a horn, carved with the words "Drak Nathas" in glowing runes, a recent addition by Telucti.



In the past, Telu was a stony bull, not showing much emotion than anger or sadness or any of the ones in between. He was quick to anger, and even quicker to action, doing whatever came to mind first, which has gotten him in more than enough trouble in the past. He was uncaring of other's feelings, and had little to no care for the consequences of his actions. He pushed anyone way who would try to get closer, and hated being touched.

Now, Telu has completely matured. With wisdom only past experiences can bring, Telu is more patient, more understanding and more caring when it comes to his fellow shu'halo. He is responsible and honorable, always putting his tribe before himself. He is loyal to his friends and family, and would do anything to make sure they survived, even sacrificing his own well being to ensure that.

Favorite Pastimes

Telucti has a few things he enjoys doing in his free time. Whittling and carving totems, jewelry and statues from wood is one of his favorite things to do when he is free, among mentoring and offering spur of the moment lessons.

Other Tidbits

Known Languages:

Taurahe (Spoken)
Orcish (Spoken, Read, Write )

  • Telu has a fondness for firewater, Mulgore Firewater to be exact.
  • Being a Shaman, Telu is extremely distrustful of fel and or fel users.
  • Telu is fairly laid back, until you threaten him or one of his tribe.
  • Particularly enjoys meat of all kinds.
  • Reveres the Earth Mother, the ancestors and the elements.
  • Would rather be somewhere cold than hot.
  • Telu is an extremely experienced elementalist, and has much experience in speaking with the ancestors and guiding others through visions.
  • Likes the color blue.
  • Has somewhat of a distrust towards the undead, more lenient towards former shu'halo.
  • Enjoys getting lost in this thoughts.


Romantic Partner: Ashkii Bloodhoof
Pets: None
Mounts: None

Immediate Family

Mother: (DECEASED) Nikawi Grimtotem (druid), child of Kith'wa Grimtotem (druid) and (DECEASED) Jiha Grimtotem (Reaver)
Father: (DECEASED) Lysh'kawa Bloodhoof (shaman), child of (DECEASED) Niba Bloodhoof (Huntress) and (DECEASED) Rah'nos Bloodhoof (shaman)


  • Nashotah Bloodhoof - Younger sister
  • Odak Bloodhoof - Younger brother
  • Harjahi Bloodhoof - Oldest brother.


  • Lysh'kawa "Lysh" Bloodhoof


  • Telu was born in the Northern part of the Barren before Thunderbluff and Cairne's Confederacy.
  • Lost his parents, mate and unborn calf to a Centaur raiding party
  • Left to finish his shamanistic training under several other tribes after his father's untimely death.
  • After finishing his training, Telu isolated himself from the world, missing The Third War, The Opening of An'Qiraj, The Lich King's Return, The Cataclysm (although he felt it), and the Pandaria Campaign.
  • Met Ashkii Wildmane during one of his trips to barter for supplies.
  • Left isolation after receiving a vision to seek a particular bull out.
  • Joined the Wolfmane.
  • Lived among the Wolfmane for several months until the miscarriage and death of a second unborn calf broke him.
  • Exiled himself after attacking the Wolfmane and destroying their camp.
  • Returned to the Wolfmane after his atonement.
  • Left the Wolfmane after Spirit Journey and several pilgrimages to found his own tribe.
  • Founded the Broken Horn Tribe.
  • Reunited with Ashkii Wildmane
  • Was paired with Ashkii Wildmane.
  • Began to forge alliances with the other Tribes.

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