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Broken Horn
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Telucti Bloodhoof

Class Leaders and Counselors of the Broken Horn

Class Leaders are those tasked with teaching and aiding those who share similar passions and goals, they are the officer base of the Broken Horn and their words carry the authority of the Chieftain, should he not be present. They also offer counsel and aid to the Chieftain in making decisions concerning the tribe. Counselor ranks are given based on a character's IC class. Advisors are marked with the └ symbol under their respective class leaders.

High Sunwalker - color=#ffcc33]Cataharon Sunhoof[/color]

High Brave - Taromal Cloudhoof

Archdruid - Celanawe Stormwalker

Elder Shaman - Telucti Bloodhoof

  • Varooc Thunderhorn - Spiritwalker of the Broken Horn

High Plainstrider - Nashotah Bloodhoof

  • Taketu Skychaser - Longwalker of the Broken Horn

Grand Farseer - Kanama Wolfstrider

Grand Sunspeaker - OPEN

Grand Windweaver - OPEN

Ranks of the Broken Horn

Advisor - A mentor tasked with aiding his or her class leader.

Mentor - A veteran member of the Broken Horn, who've completed all of their rites and are prepared to guide others.

Kindred - A full member of the Broken Horn, one who has completed their Rite of Wisdom, and their Rite of Knowledge and have been sent on their Rite of Growth.

Potential - A member of the Broken Horn who has not began their rites just yet, or has just been accepted into the tribe by Telucti or an officer.

As you can see, the Broken Horn have a lot of room to grow and mature! I keep the post with new ranks and new officers as life goes on!
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