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Pinehoof Tribe
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Name: Pawaseh Pyrehorn
Nicknames: Pawi, Paw, Longtail
Race: Shu'halo
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 10' 8" / 325 cm
Weight: 765 lbs / 347 kg
Body Type: Lean, with fair musculature
Skin/Fur: Coal black and white
Hair/Mane: Onyx black
Tattoos: Red runes on each arm
Scars: None that are visible
Horns/Tusks: Long white horns, ring on left one
Beard: Long braided beard
Eyes: Blue
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Birthplace: Stonetalon Mountains, near Sun Rock Retreat
Home: Nomadic
Totem: None yet (Wolf is the plan)
Class: Elementalist / Savant
Titles: Shaman of the Earthen Ring | Darkspear Revolutionary | Former Warsong Shaman
Armory Link(s): Shaman | Death Knight | Monk



A tall male Shu'halo, Pawaseh is of a lean build, with a fair amount of muscle, all covered by fairly thick coal black fur, except for parts of his arms, legs and the front of his torso, which are white. What stands out is his very long black tail, which, unlike that of other Shu'halo, reaches the ground and slithers behind him. There are a few scars on his body, but they are hardly visible. His onyx-black mane is meticulously groomed and braided into a couple of long tails, to match his braided beard.

A golden ring embellishes his snout, as well as one of his short, gouging white horns. His hooves match his horns in color. Whenever he calls the elements for aid, glowing red runes will be seen on his forearms.

Between the horns, two deep blue eyes scan the area around him, always on the lookout for objects and people to study. Those in the bull's proximity will no doubt notice a mixed smell of herbs, oils and metals.


Pawaseh's usual attire is a long, dark red, leather garb, augmented by dragon scales, and adorned with several mementos from his adventures in Northrend and with the Earthen Ring. A large belt is wrapped around his waist, holding a series of pouches, filled with gadgets, potions, and herbs. He also carries a small teardrop backpack for his few supplies and tinkering items.

Engineering goggles cover his eyes, attached to his horns. Four small totems of each element hang from a simple leather necklace wrapped around his neck.

Strapped to his belt are two flaming axes, which serve more as a deterrent.

Flaming Axes: Devo's Handaxe



Warm and friendly to those that approach him, Pawaseh tends to shy away from large crowds, often appearing as a recluse that is only focused on his crafts. He does however enjoy having company, as meeting new people is always a great joy for him.

Calm and mellow, he is always level headed, so one should not expect him to display rowdy or aggressive behavior, or partake in many brawls. Getting on his nerves or angering him is an impossible task to say the least. If he displays a pair of flaming horns and glowing eyes however, expect real trouble.

Due to his path in life, he borrows knowledge, wisdom and skills from his ancestors and the elements, making him quite a well-learned individual.

He is neutral towards the Alliance and the Horde, no longer being affiliated with the latter, but still nostalgic over being a part of it.

Favorite Pastimes

Often times he will be seen in a trance, communing with the elements or wandering off into the elemental plane. Other times, he will be seen tinkering with his gadgets or making potions and elixirs.

When he seeks quiet time, he will likely be seen by a pond, fishing, or staring at the stars.

Other Tidbits

  • Pacifist - He avoids conflict at all costs, but he is no pushover either
  • Favorite color is orange
  • Holds nature in reverence and has a fondness for mountains and lush areas
  • History is a favorite topic of his, so he will often be seen buried in scrolls and tomes
  • Fruits, especially sweet ones, tend to be his preferred foods
  • Loves fermented fruit beverages
  • Savant - He is quite skilled in alchemy and engineering, making use of his creations to enhance his connection to the elements
  • During combat he will often display a pair of flaming horns, to intimidate his foes
  • Whenever he appeals to the aid of the spirits, his eyes will glow a spectral blue
  • Quite obsessed with learning shamanism from other cultures
  • Very fond of the Taunka and their ways
  • Although he was pardoned for his desertion in Pandaria, he no longer wants to be associated with the Horde, wishing to return to his people's way of life

Known Languages

  • Taurahe (Speak, Read, Write)
  • Kalimag (Speak, Read, Write)
  • Orcish (Speak, Read, Write)
  • Common (Speak, Read, Write)
  • Darnassian (Speak, Read)

Weapon Skills

  • Maces and Hammers
  • Axes
  • Staves


  • Romantic Partner: None
  • Pets: None
  • Mounts: Firemane (Tan-furred Wyvern), Deathwheel

Immediate Family

  • Mother: Qaniwah Pyrehorn (Far Seer), child of Hateya Pyrehorn (Mother, Far Seer) and Kaga Pyrehorn (Father, Far Seer)
  • Father: Rakawah Pyrehorn (Hunter), child of Muna Cliffwalker (Mother, Brave) and Tokala Pyrehorn (Father, Hunter)
  • Siblings: Sheyawah Pyrehorn (Half-sister, Shaman)


  • Born in the Stonetalon Mountains, the child of a hunter and a far seer
  • Since he was a calf, he was set on the path of shamanism, training with the shamans of the Skychaser Tribe
  • Took part in the Third War, having joined up with the Horde upon its arrival in Kalimdor, both to defend his homeland and also to learn Orcish shamanism
  • He traveled all over Kalimdor together with Horde, advancing his training and meeting his mate, Orida Grimtotem
  • He and Orida joined the Warsong Offensive in Northrend, aiding the Argent Crusade and the Taunka in pushing back the undead
  • After the fall of the Lich King, he and Orida returned to Kalimdor, with the latter pregnant, only to lose her and their unborn calf during the Grimtotem coup of Thunder Bluff
  • In a burning rage, he razed the village of his mate's slayers, the home of a small Grimtotem clan that were friends of the Pyrehorn. His bloodlust ended with his hands wrapped around the throat of Otaktay, the youngest son of Mojag, the leader of the aforementioned clan.
  • Wanting to atone for the atrocity he committed, he enlisted with the Earthen Ring and traveled to Vashj'ir, ensuring the security of the area while haunted by the spirit of the calf he slew
  • Two years later, he joined the Horde forces in Pandaria, however he became increasingly conflicted with his loyalties, in the end deserting the Horde after witnessing the senseless destruction caused all over the newly discovered continent
  • Despite becoming a fugitive, his loyalty to Baine Bloodhoof remained as strong as ever, prompting him to take part in the Darkspear Rebellion, although only as a healer, as he no longer wished to cause harm based on political conflicts
  • Following Garrosh's fall, he offered his aid in repairing Orgrimmar
  • When the Iron Horde began pouring through the Dark Portal, he quickly enlisted with Khadgar's expedition, eager to take a break from Azeroth's issues
  • To his surprise, Draenor proved to be just as troubled as his homeworld, however that did not deter him from journeying to Nagrand, to learn how to commune with the alien world's elements
  • He returned to Azeroth, looking to start anew by joining the Thundermoon Tribe, although his family duties required him to disappear for long periods of time.
  • After reuniting with his half-sister, Sheyawah, he returned to the Thundermoon Village, becoming a committed member of the tribe, currently helping them in the war against the Legion
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