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Treehoof Tribe
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The tree is the symbol of life. They provide the air we breathe, grow food for the hungry, and provide shelter from the elements. As a Treehoof, you are the trees of Azeroth.

A tribe upon druid foundations, we seek to help uphold the balance of nature anywhere it is disrupted, help give lost and wandering druids to bind together for the greater good, and to be a benevolent face upon Azeroth, all while maintaining its shu’halo roots. This world is always under constant threat of those wishing to tear it apart, we will be the ones to help keep it together while trying to bring a future generation for druids to flourish their skill.

Once Legion arrives, we'll sure have our handfuls dealing with the onslaught of the Burning Legion, and with the opening of the Broken Isles, there will be new lands to discover and the Highmountain Tauren for diplomacy.

At a core, our tribe focuses on three values. Compassion, Tolerance, and Love.
We will not hold prejudice to any race of Azeroth.
We will not hold prejudice to whom requires our aid.
We will not hold prejudice to what tribe or clan someone belongs to.
We will show caring and understanding to the world around us.
We will be a benevolent face upon Azeroth.

Who are we?
We are a new guild focused on bringing more druid based rp all the while adding more diversity to the shu’halo culture. Although the guild is tauren-centric, it does not mean it is tauren exclusive, any and all is welcomed to join if they wish to seek help the balance of nature. Not only will we provide events to fending off adversaries against the land, but also training session for young fledgling druids and give purpose for elders and seasoned druids to help spread their knowledge. With the coming druid and Emerald Dream/Nightmare lore in Legion, we’ll be sure to create lots of interesting views and storylines regarding the Broken Isles, as well as coming into terms with the Highmountain Tauren to help with their plights. On top of that, we will be cooperating with other tribes such as the Wolfmane, Stormsong, Broken Horn, and Stonewind on MG.

Where are we?
Our tribe’s village will be hosted in Ghost Walker Village in Desolace near the Cenarion Grove. The grove will also be a great place for rp, and the zone is accessible to many as it as low lvl 35 zone. It’s also not a far flight from Thunder Bluff. We will also try to bring more rp to Moonglade for training sessions and meditations. Otherwise, wander the world, helping the needy.

What are our plans?
Our plan is to take advantage of the new coming lore in Legion to create fantastic storylines that adheres away from the “rush in, kill bad dudes, win.” style of RP. We will have plenty of combat rps, but also there has to be someone to help repair the land after battles, or diplomatic encounters with those trying to over-resource farm some of the land. While we’re not out in the land, we’ll also be helping other druids further their skill in either one on one or group sessions of all different schools, helping people grow their own personal plot development within the guild, and take on old tauren traditions such as the great hunt, festivities, and rituals. We will also be contributing to the community as a whole to Wyrmrest, participating in server-wide events.

What do we need?

People! We are a fresh guild so we need people to help kick-start the guild in the right direction. But more importantly, we are seeking Elders and Officers to help direct and provide for future members. Contact me through whispers or mail on either Etutreehoof for more information or interest in joining.
Chieftain of the Treehoof Tribe.
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