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Pinehoof Tribe
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Name: Kaliwah Pinehoof
Nicknames: Kali, Cloud Fur
Race: Shu'halo
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 9' 4" / 285 cm
Weight: 425 lbs / 193 kg
Body Type: Athletic, with fair musculature
Skin/Fur: Ochre and almond
Hair/Mane: Bistre
Tattoos: Red runes on her hooves, Two green lines on each cheek
Scars: None that are visible
Horns/Tusks: White gouging horns, decorated with rings
Beard: None
Eyes: Pine green
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards males
Relationship Status: Taken
Birthplace: Stonetalon Mountains, near Sun Rock Retreat
Home: Stonetalon Mountains, White Pine Grove
Totem Animal: Owl
Class: Monk / Huntress (Dual Class)
Clan: The Pinehoof Tribe - Bear Clan
Titles: Faith Keeper of the Pinehoof Tribe / Former Grand Mistwalker of the Wolfmane Tribe / Darkspear Revolutionary / Former Snowhoof Council Member
Armory Link(s): Monk | Hunter



A tall female Shu’halo, Kaliwah has an athletic build with a fine muscular definition, covered by soft ochre fur on most of her body, except for her chest, abdomen and groin which are almond-colored. Her tail shares the same color as the rest of her body, and ends in a darker-colored tuft, which matches her mane. The few scars that she has are well hidden by the fur.

Kaliwah's long, bistre mane is carefully groomed and tied into a handful of tufts with golden rings. From her forehead protrude two white gouging horns, decorated with a few golden rings. Her hooves match her horns in color, and are engraved with dark red runes, some of them resembling owl feathers. Two green lines mark each cheek, and may on occasion glow.

Those who approach her will be met by a warm, shining, smile and soul-piercing pine-green eyes. A strong, but pleasant garden and fruit scent will greet those in her proximity.


The light leather armor Kaliwah wears is a mixture of Shu'halo and Pandaren designs, mostly dyed viridian. The attire is also augmented by a series of pouches and pockets filled with various tools and supplies. Her casual attire is composed of a sleeveless crop top and a pair of pantaloons, both crimson, while her formal attire is a white and red robe of a Pandaren design.

A traditional feathered circlet adorns her mane, featuring several pine cones to symbolize her place in her tribe. On occasion she might also wear a straw hat. Tied around her neck is a gold necklace with two wooden carvings as pendants, one shaped like an owl resting in its nest.

Strapped to her shoulders is a thin backpack with a built-in quiver and a slot for the scabbard that sheathes her katana. A longbow is strung over her chest. Attached to her belt is a tomahawk.

Katana - Scourgebane's Slicer
Tomahawk - Scalping Tomahawk
Longbow - Keeshan's Bow



Prudent and perceptive, Kaliwah is rather shy and not the easiest person to engage, but she will open up to those who show kindness and friendliness. Around those she deems friends, she reveals her sense of humor and boisterous attitude. In fact, she takes great pleasure in tormenting others with her antics and confusing sense of humor.

Being a monk, she cannot turn down a good spar and will often judge others by their fighting skills. If that fails, a good brew and good company can work as a "bribe". One should be warned that Kaliwah can be quite opinionated and stubborn, should debates arise. Her fuse is also quite short, despite her peaceful nature.

Kaliwah has a romantic partner in Tahlon Rainwalker, so flirting with either of them might result in broken noses or lots of laughter.

Favorite Pastimes

While in Pandaria, Kaliwah acquired the habit of experimenting with tasty foods, teas and brews, and will often be seen in the vicinity of a cooking fire or a stove.

When foods are not involved, she takes a liking to tailoring, hunting, wandering or fighting in arenas. She also spends a lot of time meditating on her Chi cloud.

Other Tidbits

  • An advanced Windwalker monk that is currently training in Mistweaving
  • Pacifist - she brings harm to others only when absolutely necessary
  • Neutral towards both the Alliance and the Horde, and not affiliated with either
  • Favorite color is maroon
  • Enjoys meditating close to bodies of water
  • Loves the snow, despite nearly freezing off her tail in Winterspring
  • Reveres nature, but also has great admiration towards the creations of other races
  • Adores Firewater and Coconut Rum
  • Has a sweet tooth
  • Rarely consumes meat, despite being a huntress
  • Distrusts magic, despite making use of hearthstones
  • Very fond of the Kaldorei
  • Has a fascination with Worgen
  • Has a melodic voice and can sing, especially in Darnassian
  • Can be quite laconic

Known Languages

  • Taurahe
  • Darnassian
  • Pandaren
  • Orcish
  • Common

Weapon Skills

  • Fists and hooves
  • Bows
  • Axes
  • Swords
  • Polearms
  • Staves
  • Throwing knives


  • Romantic Partner: Tahlon Rainwalker
  • Pets: None
  • Mounts: Mistfang (Tan-furred Wyvern)

Immediate Family

  • Mother: Halonah Pinehoof (Brave), child of Chenoa Cliffwalker (Mother, Shaman) and Molimo Pinehoof (Father, Hunter)
  • Father: Onakona Pinehoof (Brave turned Sunwalker), child of Oni Pinehoof (Mother, Huntress) and Muraco Pinehoof (Father, Brave)
  • Siblings: None


  • Born in the Stonetalon Mountains, the only child of a Bear Clan brave and an Owl Clan brave.
  • Most of her life was spent not only training for combat as a Shu'Halo brave, but also hunting, and providing her tribe with food and clothing.
  • Was a good friend of the Kaldorei in Stonetalon, trading goods with them and joining their hunting parties, as well as finding a love interest in one.
  • Took part in the Third War with her family, alongside the local Kaldorei, their arrows slaying many demons and undead.
  • Following the Third War, she migrated around Northern Kalimdor with her tribe, see new trade, as well as survival, opportunities, all the while honing her skill in archery and tailoring.
  • When Thal'darah Grove and Cliffwalker Post, both places she used to frequent, were destroyed, she chose to leave her homeland of Stonetalon, not wanting to witness anymore bloodshed, as well as starting her final trial in her tribe.
  • Seeking a quiet refuge, she settled in Winterspring for a couple of years, where she lived among the Snowhoof Tribe, surviving in the frigid landscape with her new friends.
  • Following the disbanding of her tribe, she wandered alone for months, only to stumble upon a wandering group of Pandaren monks, whom she joined in an instant, mesmerized by their fighting techniques and food.
  • After following the wandering monks for a few months, she ended up in Pandaria, and very soon at the Peak of Serenity, where her official training as a follower of Xuen began.
  • The angered brought by the destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has pushed her over the edge, and she immediately returned to Kalimdor to take part in the Darkspear Rebellion.
  • Returned to her homeland after Garrosh's disappearance, although she still went on frequent trips to Pandaria for her training.
  • While wandering Kalimdor on her own, she stumbled upon the Wolfmane Tribe, quickly becoming a member of the tribal council and the Grand Mistwalker, teacher and leader of the monks. Among them, she also met her (unofficial) mate, Tahlon Rainwalker, making them an inseparable force.
  • During her time in the Wolfmane, she also started training in the ways of Chi-Ji, spending more and more time learning how to heal, especially after witnessing the destruction of the Peak of Serenity.
  • Together with the Wolfmane, she ventured to the Broken Isles to push back the Legion along the other races of Azeroth.
  • The recent Legion attack on the Pinehoof Tribe however marked the end of her time with the Wolfmane, as the new Pine Chief summoned her home, to help the tribe heal and regrow, and to complete her trial as a Faith Keeper.
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