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Fertility Festival/Handfasting celebration

Date: Apr 30, 2017
Time: 06:00 PM
Hello Friends!! This is the first call to let you know of the next Shu'Halo Rite to be hosted by the Thunderhoof Clan. The second earthen rite called the "Fertility Festival" will be held Sunday, April 30th at 6pm WrA / 8pm VeCo-MG.
/say "Welcome friends. On this day of Beltane, we celebrate the Fertility Festival. This is the second of four feasts or Rites to celebrate the Earthmother in each of her forms. Tonite we celebrate the Earthmother in full Bloom. Ripe and lustful, she longs to lay with the Skyfather once again...."
The Fertility Festival is about lust and passion and life. and includes a symbolic union of the Earthmother and the Father of the Sky. The Earthmother is in full bloom. It is a season of love, longing, and commitment. These rites are also held to ensure the fertility, health and prosperity of our herds, our crops, and most importantly, the Shu'Halo People. There are normally, 3 parts to the rites: 1)The purification 2)The symbolic union of the Earthmother and the Skyfather 3)The Handfasting.

I would also like to anounce that Awenas and Krojen of the Wolfmane Tribe have volunteered to assist with the rites. Also, I am pleased to announce that they will be joined during the Handfasting ceremony that evening


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