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The Wolfmane Tribe

The Wolfmane Tribe
Wyrmrest Accord
(Founded 2015)
WWW Armory Thread

IC: The Wolfmane Tribe is a tight-knit family that is focused primarily on honoring the Old Ways, our ancient Shu'halo culture and our traditions. We are well known for hosting the Story Circle in Bloodhoof Village every Sunday evening, continuining our kind's tradition of sharing tales. If you seek the life of a tribal nomad, as a brave, a hunter, a shaman, a mender or an artisan, you can find a place among us. Our goal is to provide a home in which any Shu'halo can feel welcome and accepted. Our path may not always be safe, or simple, as Kalimdor can be a most perilous land, and resources may at times be scant, but we protect and care for each other, ensuring that our family lives on. If Kalimdor is ever in need of aid, be sure that you will see the Wolfmane toiling away to defend and heal the ancestral lands of the Shu'halo.

OOC: Wolfmane is a tribe in which you can expect multiple events every week, from simple social gatherings to large scale sparring and even D&D style roleplay. If that will not keep you busy, the daily dose of random roleplay should do the trick. Our aim is to have fun and relax, while enjoying all facets of this game. We raided during Warlords of Draenor, getting our hands on the infamous moose though hard work, and intend to keep raiding come Legion. We accept all races and classes, except for the Forsaken, as well as Warlocks and Demon Hunters. As for experience level, it matters little. You can be completely new to roleplay, or a master at it, and we will try our hardest to find a place for you and, if you desire it, teach you.

Chieftain: Raton
Council: Brutallon, Callinanu, Firereader, Karanga, Kiranika, Zonne
Advisors: Mahepaola, Spokana