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The Wolfmane Tribe

[Pinned] History of the Wolfmane

**Tribe created on July 20, 2015**Chapter One: An Uncertain PresentRaton Wolfmane finds success in infiltrating a camp of pirates and slavers but was too late to save Halonna, the mother of his children. Returning to his tribe; The Earthspear, the...
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The Wolfmane Tribe

[Pinned] The Wolfmane Tribe Structure

In the Wolfmane Tribe, all members are divided up into sects based on their in-game classes, with the exceptions of warlocks, demon hunters and mages. The last three are not really accepted ICly. Each sect is lead by a council member (officer) and...
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The Wolfmane Tribe

Karanga Featherspear

Name: Karanga Featherspear (Previously Fogrunner)Nickname(s): Kara, Tribe MomBirth tribe: WildmaneAge: AdultHeight: Average (8'4")Weight: Light-AverageBody type: Slim; little muscleFur: Black and whiteMane: BlackSexuality: BisexualBirthplace: Fera...
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