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Guardians of the Grove

[Pinned] Guardians Rank Organization

Our old system for ranks was pretty basic, revolving around what affinity you tended to follow IC. However, as the guild grows, it is going to be more beneficial to have defined ranks and advancements for people to progress to. As such, I've re-or...
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Broken Horn Tribe

[Pinned] Chronicles of the Broken Horn

Episode 1: Broken Horns-Telucti's simple, but neat handwriting adorns the parchment, written in Orcish.-Day 10, Month 7 of the Year 31Tonight, I held the Broken Horn's first feast as a tribe and it is the first time I've truly felt happy with a tr...
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Broken Horn Tribe

[Pinned] The Founding of the Broken Horn Tribe. (An IC perspective)

The sounds of rumbling thunder, a flash of lightning, a female screaming in the distance, and finally the gentle light of a latern, shining softly in the darkness. These were all a part of the Spirit Journey that had forced him to seek his answers...
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The Shadowhoof Tribe

[Pinned] Shadowhoof Ranks and Roles

The Shadowhoof take their calling to defend the Earthmother very seriously. Every last member is a warrior before all other callings with each choosing how they will defend the Earthmother. The three major paths are further broken into their elite...
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Broken Horn Tribe

[Pinned] Who's Who in the Broken Horn.

Chieftain Telucti BloodhoofClass Leaders and Counselors of the Broken HornClass Leaders are those tasked with teaching and aiding those who share similar passions and goals, they are the officer base of the Broken Horn and their words carry the au...
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The Treehoof Tribe

[Pinned] The Treehoof Tribe's Values

The tree is the symbol of life. They provide the air we breathe, grow food for the hungry, and provide shelter from the elements. As a Treehoof, you are the trees of Azeroth.A tribe upon druid foundations, we seek to help uphold the balance of nat...
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Tribal Associates

[Pinned] Blank Character Sheet Template

Hello everyone,Here is the blank template version of the character sheet I used for Kaliwah: feel free to use it! Just be mindful of the blank lines. They are there on purpose, so do not remove ...
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The Thunderhoof Clan

Umathyor Ironhoof, Chieftain of the Thunderhoof Clan

Name: Umathyor IronhoofNicknames: UmaRace: TaurenGender: MaleAge: Middle agedHeight: Normal height for a TaurenBody Type: BroadBirthplace: Land of a Thousand NeedlesHome: Thunder BluffClass: WarriorTitles: ChieftainDescription: Umathyor is middle...
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The Thunderhoof Clan

Who is the Thunderhoof Clan?

The Thunderhoof Clan was formed almost 10 years ago (August 2nd, 2007) by Padwanu Thunderhoof; the clan's first Chieftain. The Thunderhoof Clan was organized around a core of Tauren veterans returning to Thunder Bluff after the "Burning Crusade" ...
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Broken Horn Tribe

Qaleq Brokenhorn

Name: Qaleq Brokenhorn (named for guild, not the opposite)Nicknames: GloommoonRace: Shu'haloGender: MaleAge: 42Height: 11'4"Weight: 1,294 LBSBody Type: MuscularSkin/Fur: Cream colored with darker grey hair on the mane; two long braids coming down ...
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The Great Lodge

Little Bear's Adventure

Here's Telucti's favorite story to tell at Story Circle and one I completely made up on the spot nearly a year ago. The Adventure of Little Bear:A long time ago, somewhere deep within the forests of Feralas, there lived Little Bear and his mother,...
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The Summit Bonfire

Legion Launch Survival Guide

Found this source on reddit outlines expac leveling and artifact levels, pretty much everything that is known about the expac so far. HuntingMOO!
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Broken Horn Tribe

Telucti Bloodhoof

Name: Telucti Bloodhoof Nicknames: Telu, Telulu, Half-horn, Ghost Face Race: Shu'halo Gender: Male Age: 32 Height: 10'0 Weight: 1.024 LBS Body Type: Muscular Skin/Fur: Black, white splashes on his face, on his belly and on the insides of his leg...
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The Thundermoon Tribe

Pawaseh Pyrehorn

Name: Pawaseh PyrehornNicknames: Pawi, Paw, LongtailRace: Shu'haloGender: MaleAge: 26Height: 10' 8" / 325 cmWeight: 765 lbs / 347 kgBody Type: Lean, with fair musculatureSkin/Fur: Coal black and whiteHair/Mane: Onyx blackTattoos: Red runes on each...
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The Pinehoof Tribe

Kaliwah Pinehoof

Name: Kaliwah PinehoofNicknames: Kali, Cloud FurRace: Shu'haloGender: FemaleAge: 26Height: 9' 4" / 285 cmWeight: 425 lbs / 193 kgBody Type: Athletic, with fair musculatureSkin/Fur: Ochre and almondHair/Mane: BistreTattoos: Red runes on her hooves,...
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