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Welcome to the Feathered Derecho Summit!

Welcome to the website of the Feathered Derecho Summit, a community composed of multiple roleplaying guilds from Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord, whose common theme is Shu'halo culture.

Check out theĀ About page for more information and take a look at the Guild Directory to see who is part of this community. If you are a member of the listed guilds, please feel free to register on this site. The form is brief, only asking for your characters and the guilds they are in.

Kaliwah / Mar 21, 2017

A multitude of Shu'halo tribes (from Wyrmrest Accord, Moon Guard and Venture Company!) joined together to celebrate the coming of spring! It is a time of renewal and awakening. The cold and darkness of winter that Mu'sha has shepherded us though n...

Kaliwah / Mar 21, 2017

The Shu'halo tribes gathered together to aid the Earthmother in her transition to her slumber with a two day event, this time in Camp Winterhoof, Howling Fjord on December 17th and 18th.This was likely the largest Dance of the Earthmother since it...